Rich Hanson

Sunday once again
Sunday is very ambiguous day. For a good many of us its another day off from work, so we can do what we want, take care of personal business or nothing at all. On the other hand as the day goes on, thoughts of the coming work week start intruding. This may only be the case for people like me how are somewhat on call 24/7 and Monday's aren't so much the beginning of the work week, but rather a shifting back into full work mode vs just slowing down and putting work in the background. But work never quite goes away. Things for me go up and down in terms of the intensity of Sunday's anticipation of Monday's work. When I have lots of extra work that spills into the weekend, Sunday is when I start thinking about whether I've done everything that I hoped to get done on the weekend. If I have then Sunday evening is merely some thinking about what's coming up. If I haven't got everything done I wanted or was expected to do, then Sunday evening can be a scramble to do what I haven't done earlier in the weekend. Or its a dread of what Monday will be because I haven't done what needed to get done. Luckily, today I have nothing that needs to get done from the weekend and now is just thoughts of what the week will bring. Work these days is a mixed bag. I really enjoy what I'm doing but the last six months have been so intense that I'm trying to relax a little before the next period of high intensity work that I see coming over the horizon. I also try to insure that I always carve out personal time to do those things I like to do and not work all the time.
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