Rich Hanson

Janis Ian at Joe's Pub and other musings on music.
Went to see Janis Ian at Joe's Pub last night. She always puts on a great show. Interstingly I have not followed her career continuously since its beginning sometime in the sixties. Lost track of her until 1993 when she appeared at the Birchmere in DC. Have become a devoted fan ever since. Interesting thing happens as you get older, how do you balance seeing performers who you've grown up with so to speak versus getting to know new performers just starting out. There are performers from my college days, more even that I've gotten to know in the last 10-15 years. If I see each of these once a year that could be 15-20 performances. As new performers appear on the radar it becomes ever more difficult be able to see them. Even getting CDs or MP3s can be a problem because you can only listen to so much music. Don't have an answer to this dilema but I do know that it's important to me to try to add new talent to the people I listen to. At this point I think its close to 50% of the performers I see in live performances are relatively new, started seeing them in the within the last five years. Topic of another day will be the discussion of some of these performers.
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