Rich Hanson

Truly World Music
Just got a CD from Australia. Ordered it online just over a week ago. Another symptom of the power of the Internet. I would never have considered this as recently as five years ago. The world gets smaller by the minute. Speaking of CDs - in this age of downloadable music, I still like to buy CDs. Not that I don't buy music from the Internet, I have a subscription to emusic.com and have gotten quite a few albums that way. The problem with downloaded music is you don't get the liner notes. Liner notes can be very enlightening, as a minimum you can usually find out who wrote the songs and who performed on the album. I have found few artists or record labels that publish the liner notes online. I find this a big weakness of online music. Back to the Australian CD, the album is Silver Hook Tango by singer is Kavisha Mazzella. I found information on the singer at Gerry O'Beirne site. Gerry is one of my favorite Irish song writers. On his site he recommended Kavisha. He is the producer of the album. I'll report back on what I think of the album in a couple of days.
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