Rich Hanson

October Project tonight
We are going to hear the current incarnation of the October Project in NYC. We go to see them whenever they are playing in NYC. This is the third version of the October Project. The first October Project was formed with Mary Fahl , Marina Belica , Emil Adler, Dave Sabatino and Urbano. The voices of Mary and Marino combined with the songs of Emil and Julie Flanders, you had a powerful sound that combined pop, rock and folk. The band put out two albums by Sony which sold fairly well and they developed quite a following. They looked like they might be headed for super stardom. Unfortunately the record label was pushing for the group to have a lead singer instead of the more group sound that was the hallmark of the group. This somewhat fed into Mary's desire to be a star in her own right and the group disbanded in the late 1990s. Emil and Julie then put together November Project (OP 2, so to speak). They found a wonderful lead singer in MaryAnne Marino. Besides Emil, Julie and MaryAnne, November Project was Doug Yowell, Mike Visceglia and Rob Friedman. November Project was more focused on a single voice and the songs were classic Adler & Flanders songs. For awhile it looked like November Project might pickup where October Project left off. Unfortunately after recording a full length album, they could not agree on releasing it and the November Project disbanded. After a short break. Emil and Julie got back together with Marina Belica and formed what at first was dubbed OP III but was finally simply called October Project. The new October Project started performing publicly in 2002. A key addition to the instrumentaion is Martha Colby on cello. October Project continues performing songs from the original incarnation to the delight of fans. There are also new songs plus the recent addition of songs that were first performed by November Project. The band has started performing outside of NYC again, north to Rochester, south to Philadelphia and even west to Pittsburgh and Cleveland. October Project is working on a new album to be released late this year or early next year. The band will be taking a break from live performances because Marina's pregnancy. Anyone who likes great female voices and harmony and great songwriting should pickup any of the original or current October Project albums. If you get a chance to see October Project perform live don't pass it up. You won't be disappointed.
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