Rich Hanson

Philadelphia bound
Well the fates don't seem to want us to stay west of the Mississippi for very long. Charming Shoppes , where I work, after selling off the catalog brands, decided to move the ecommerce operations to the Bensalem PA headquarters. I was given the opportunity to relocate back east. So we are moving to the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia. I'll be doing a reverse commute to Bucks county where the headquarters are located. We went to Philadelphia three weeks ago to find an apartment. During that week we walked all over center city Philadelphia looking at apartments in Queen Village, Pennsport and Old City. In the end we settled on one of the first apartments we saw. The apartment is in some converted building in Old City. You can see a video of the apartment here . If you are interested you can also see parts of the neighborhood on this video . A videographer I'm not but it does show the area. Just over a week before the movers come and we embark on the cross country drive to Philly. I'll be dropping Sue off at the annual ALHFAM conference in Winston-Salem, NC and then arriving in Philly on Saturday 6/6 to start the next chapter in life. We'll miss Tucson (but not the summer heat). In the last year we were just getting entrenched here. Sue on the board of a couple of cultural organizations and me supporting the local live music scene with Tucson Music Scene website. I'm hoping to be able to continue with the website from afar. Hopefully with some local help. I would like all the effort that I put into this site to not go to waste. Tucson things I'll miss - - Epic Cafe - The Grill - Vegan banana splits at Lovin Spoonfuls - Local singer-songwriters -- Amber Norgaard -- Sabra Faulk -- Namoli Brennett - Tucson Folk Festival - Our beautiful apartment Next stop Philadelphia.
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