Rich Hanson

New year - Let's try this as a blog.
Well 14 months between updates. Not particularly prolific. But lets doing this as a blog. Below was originally posted on 1/19/2006 As we begin this new year, music and theater continue to be the primary activities beyond work. 2005 was a busy year with the average of more then one music or theater event per week. In particular I am following and helping singer-songwriter MaryAnne Marino. I created fan website, www.maryanne-marino.com, for her and attend every performance in the NYC area which is where she is based. She is exceptionally talented. Sue and I have become friends with her and are trying to help her in anyway we can. If you get the opportunity please see her at one of her shows. The Madeleine Peyroux website, madeleinepeyroux.org, continues to grow and has become (I think) the definitive Madeleine site. I need to spend more time working on the site to make it even better. In particular the discography needs to be updated and improved. Work at Charming Shoppes Interactive continues unabated with the successful launch of the Fashion Bug web site early in 2005. Late in the year we made a successful if rocky conversion to asp.net. Sales continue to climb year over year. 2006 promises to be another year of growth and change as we convert to a new platform as part of Charming Shoppes acquisiton of CrossTown Traders. 2006 will mark an important event, 30 years of marriage. Not sure what will be done to mark the occasion.
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