Rich Hanson

And life goes on!!
With all the effort at work, other parts of life continue. Next week(end) Hilary will be getting married in Richmond VA where she now lives and she spent many of her formative years. She will be marrying Josh who she met when she moved back to Richmond. Atleast this wedding is easy to get to, the last one was half way around the world in India. In addition to this life event, Jared will turn 30 later in the month. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was turning 30 but another two years and it'll be 60 for me. It very strange, you know your getting up there but inside everything is all mixed up. Sometimes you feel older then your are. Other times you feel like your first year of college. Obviously all the life experiences make you what you are but age by itself seems a somewhat small part of that. So with activities at work and personal life September will be a full and interesting month.
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