Rich Hanson

14th months later?!?!
One of these days I may get into more frequent updates of the web site. Here I sit on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Tucson AZ trying to figure out who to describe the last 14 months. Some of you may be saying, 'Tucson AZ, how did he get there?'. Well that's part of the changes. But let's begin back in Sept. 2006. As noted last time, daughter Hilary got married Sept 9, 2006. It was a fun wedding in the restored Byrd Theater in Richmond VA. Pictures of the event are available to see here . Since that time Josh and Hilary have migrated west, extremely west, Honolulu, Hawaii to be exact. Jared graduated as Doctor of Naturopathy and is establishing a practice in NYC. Andrea and Bobby are engaged, no date is set yet. Ok, that takes care of the kids. With the successful migration of the Charming Shoppes ecommerce websites to our Crosstown Traders platform in October 2006. My responsibilities in the NY office was a little ambiguous. I was effectively a special projects person even though I still managed our retail brand websites. I was making monthly trips to Tucson, my boss was in Tucson and the work out of the New York office was not going to be a line position. So after a bit of negotiating, I accepted a position in the Tucson office as head of the HTML coders. I started in Tucson in April 2006 and was immediately plunged into our latest effort to ready the website for the return of the Lane Bryant Catalog name to Charming Shoppes. For the next seven months in addition to relocating to Tucson and setting up a new life, I was working 10-12 hour days to get ready for the LB Catalog launch. Other significant web updates were happening in parallel to the LB Catalog effort culminating with the start of our Petite Sophisticates website launch 1
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