Rich Hanson

Mid summer 2008
I'm back for one of my infrequent visits. Been busy with lots of things, work and personal. We spent a week in Hawaii to visit Hilary & Josh and to celebrate my 60th birthday in March. Honolulu is a very nice livable city. We also spent some time visiting Maui which is very nice. And back in Tucson, its hard to believe we've been here over a year now. The heat is just second nature and the fall, winter and spring were very pleasant. It even got cold, low 40s and even into the 30s for part of the time. As part of enjoying the local music scene, which is more active then I would have expected, I have recently started up a web site to expose all the live music in town. It turns out the domain 'tucsonmusicscene.com' was not taken so I promptly bought it. The site is up and running with lots, but certainly not all, of live music events. In order for this to succeed long term I will have to get other people involved in updating the information on the site. If your reading this from Tucson, hop on over to the Tucson Music Scene web site and take look. Let me know what you think, good or bad and if your interested in pitching in let me know that too. The website www.tucsonmusicscene.com is taking up a lot of my free time. Then going to see actual live music takes up another chunk of time. Work has slowed down a bit after a hectic first half of the year getting all our catalog site spruced up and starting some retail site improvements. Lots of rumours flying around because the catalogs not related to the Charming retail brands are on the chopping block. So the fate of the Tucson IT staff is up in the air. Shouldn't be any job losses just question of who we work for when it all said and done.
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