Rich Hanson

Concert Photos
Just published pictures from performances of some of the concerts we've attend in Feb and March. Pictures of Sonya Kitchell, Ollabelle, Karan Casey, Tom Rush and Janis Ian are now available on the 'Concert & Club Photos' secion of the site. Taking pictures at concerts and music performance is something I've done for a long time. I have a ton of 35mm slides that I took in the pre digital era. These were taken in low light situations and I developed the film myself. Still have some undeveloped film that I've been carting around the country as we move. When my film SLR broke awhile back, I stopped taking pictures for awhile. Then in late 2002 I final got decent digital camera that could take pictures in the low light concert and club setting. Ever since I've taken pictures at every performance I've been. Once I've sorted through the shots taken at a concert I publish them on my website. When I started I got new pictures up within about a week of the performance. But then work and other parts of life got in the way and I now have a large back log of pictures from 2005. Taking pictues is the easy part. Sorting through 50 - 200 pictures per performance and picking out the best shots, making adjustments as necessary that's what takes the time. I'm going to try to work backwards from the last performance we say, Janis Ian on March 14. Until I catch up. We'll see if I can hold to this.
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