Rich Hanson

The end of summer (what summer!)
The summer is almost over and I missed most of it. We've been in the throes of a major project at work and it has kept me in the office late most nights. So even with the extra daylight hours, I didn't get a chance to enjoy the summer much. And the project continues. We are converting three major ecommerce sites from one platform to another. It's not just the web side that is being replaced but the back end order management system and the warehouse system. So a complete replacement. And we are trying to make this transparent to the customer. One moment they're running on the old system, we flip the switch and they're on the new system none the wiser. One of our sites has been converted for two weeks now. And how did it go? Well ... not too bad initially but as the days wore on sales were down and the site seemed slower. Unfortunately we didn't have any measurements in place to know for sure. We found some things which we fixed and sales are slowly rising but the speed of the site is still an issue. And the startup date for the second site is coming up fast. Well we'll see. Until next time.
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